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Mottokrosh Machinations

Capes and Cloaks and Cowls and a Park

Capes and Cloaks and Cowls and a Park

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A self-contained RPG sandbox setting in a wizard’s theme park realm. Populated with hired staff and refugee sorcerous couturiers. Suitable for any fantasy RPG, perfect for Hypertellurians.

Riblerim the Unsure, Master Diviner, in his benevolent, yet eccentric prime, created a wizard's theme park—that's a theme park by a wizard, not strictly speaking for wizards. Though the latter were certainly welcome too.

Then came the Great Needle Pusher Purge. Seamstresses and tailors, long suspected of sorcery, one and all, were persecuted and driven away. Predictably, the Great Needle Pusher Purge was followed by the Great Wearing of Nothing but Rags, but that's not so important. Unwilling to idly stand by, Riblerim created the Costumiers with Latent Arcane Magicks Refuge Initiative & Motivation Scheme (CLAMRIMS, for short), seeking out freethinking clothiers and modistes, and sheltering them in his wondrous realm.

All was nice and pleasant as it could be, but then Riblerim disappeared.

Fifty years he has been missing, and the eldritch realm, with its arcane creations and thaumaturgic costumiers, has been unraveling. Not all is nice and pleasant anymore.

This A5 hardcover book features:

  • A plethora of illustrations by Katie Wakelin, and isometric maps by Diogo Nogueira.
  • Multiple, individually themed islands floating in a golden sky. Each island features three or more adventure sites, many with illustrated maps.
  • Dozens of wonderful characters and creatures, described using the system neutral HAWK(has, acts, wants, knows) method.
  • Fourteen capes, cloaks, and cowls most marvelous, detailed and illustrated. Fashion need no longer be a secondary concern in your games.
  • Dozens of tags to quickly and easily impart a property to a garment, fabric, or item. Some require a little improvisation, but most translate fairly directly into a rule from a given system.
  • 100, yes, one-hundred treasures for characters to find. Not all of them as grand as the first ten, not all as magical as some, but all incredible or remarkable.
  • Simple but dramatic rules for magical grimoires, including two complete sample ones, each with a ritual to unlock its power, a minor effect, and multiple spells.
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